About the Book

Roll Me Away

Tim Harrison is back, years away from his problems in Whipping Post. He’s now a company driver for Saxon Brothers Trucking in Dallas Texas. He has settled down on a
ranch outside of the town of Cave Creek Arizona. He and his dog, Rory, are assigned a steady route between El Paso Texas and Tijuana Mexico, but Tim’s still fighting demons from the rape and murder of his wife.

When a fellow Saxon Brothers trucker is murdered by a theft ring working out of El Paso Texas, Tim’s old buddy, JD Tolliver, gets involved in hunting down the gang.
In the process, JD winds up the hospital.

Now with two employees having been attacked by the same theft ring, and no word from the police, the owner of Saxon’s, John Saxon, get involved. He enlists Tim’s aid, pulling him back into a situation Tim is not sure he wants to become involved with. He has other things, like possibly a new love life, on his mind.